Help the Royal Rosarian Foundation!
Anyone shopping at Fred Meyer stores, using their Rewards Card, can help support our Royal Rosarian Foundation! Through their Community Rewards program, Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million each year - up to $625,000 each quarter - to the local schools, community organizations, and nonprofits of your choice. The Royal Rosarian Foundation is one of the supported organizations, so all you have to do is register and link your Rewards Card, then use it when you shop at Fred Meyer.
The best part of all is that you will still receive the Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates you earn by shopping at Fred Meyer!  You will help your Royal Rosarian Foundation and continue to get all of your traditional benefits from using your Rewards Card.
It is easy to sign up. All you need is your Rewards Card Number, an Email address, and your name. Go to the FRED Meyer Community Reward Program site, then follow the instructions there to link your Rewards Card to The Royal Rosarian Foundation.
You can also call Fred Meyer Customer Service at 1-866-518-2686. They can set up your account AND set up your Community Rewards choice. You will need the Royal Rosarian Foundation’s organization number “92643” when you call.
If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Dame Barb Brennan and she will walk you through the process. She can be reached at 503-351-7708 or via email at
Thank you for your support!