Royal Rosarian Foundation - Encouraging and Supporting Students & Community

Our Purpose:

For nearly a century, the Royal Rosarians have supported children's causes, the City of Portland and the Portland Rose Festival. To that end, we formed a foundation to supplement the Royal Rosarian mission and provide aid in three primary areas:
Children at Risk, Scholarships for Our Youth, and Community Spirit.

Your generous donation to the Foundation will benefit all of these worthy causes and will help preserve the wonderful traditions that make this City of Roses so unique. The Royal Rosarian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Contributions to the foundation may be tax deductible.

We welcome you support. Thank you for contributing to the Foundation's charitable endeavors.

Our Mission:

The Purpose of the Royal Rosarian Foundation is to generate and disburse funding for Royal Rosarian local and world community projects that satisfy human, intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs.

The Royal Rosarian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation organized under the Oregon Non-profit Corporation law as an operating entity to function as an adjunct of the Royal Rosarians of Portland Oregon. A Board of Directors, working in close liaison with the Royal Rosarian Council, administers the Foundation in order to accomplish the objectives and purposes set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and amended By-laws of the Foundation.

The Royal Rosarian Foundation’s Tax ID Number is 93-1220495. For more information on the Foundation and its annual Dinner Auction or to make a donation, please contact the Royal Rosarians at 503-685-8333.

Portland Public School Elementary Students enjoy visiting with Royal Rosarians to find out their class is receiving money from the Royal Rosarian Foundation ROSES Field Trip Program.


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